Global Foodie Citizen Bill of Rights:

  • As a Global Foodie Citizen you have the right to:
  • Write for/share content on Food Moodz
  • Travels to eat
  • Cook for at least 30% of one’s day
  • Drool while secretly scrolling through Food Pics while in bed before sleeping
  • Be a humanitarian that works on initiatives to End Hunger Globally.#Globalgoal2 #Endhunger
  • Speak passionately about certain food groups. We’ve seen people discuss how pitiful spinach is as a vegetable or how bacon should be placed on a burger.
  • Get takeout of certain foods because of public embarrassment of how sloppily you eat this food
  • Spend hours getting reservations at a destination restaurant and dresses up in their best to go out for a fine dining meal
  • Get a slice of pizza after that fine dining meal
  • Eat and cook foods from all around the world regardless of political views


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