Top 5 Dumpling Spots in NYC!

Top 5 Dumpling Spots in NYC!

Hey everyone at dumpling adventurers we see it as our duty to try every dumpling ever, and report back on the best of the best. We’ve not only eaten dumplings across America, but across the world. Living and eating around NYC has allowed us to cultivate a list of the best go to dumpling spots in the city. Here are 5 of the leaders in the clubhouse. These dumplings bring their A games and are sure to not disappoint. If you want to expand on this list our check out some of the other places we’ve eaten dumplings check us out at

1. 1) Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Address: 13 Doyers St, New York NY ,
Phone: 212-962 -6047

What to eat: Shrimp and Snow Pea dumplings, Shanghainese Soup dumplings
Cost: $

If you want some quality dumplings in NYC, then Nom Wah Tea Parlor is where you have to go. As soon as you turn on to Doyer St, one would swear they are in China, and Nom Wah is at the center. Now inside Nom Wah is very relaxed, the menu is stacked, and I mean stacked with dim sum. They have a plethora of dumpling options, but the two that you need to order. That’s right need, are the shrimp and snow pea and the soup dumplings.

The Shrimp and Snow Pea are light and its literally a full shrimp wrap in there, not chopped up with other fillers, outta this world. The soup dumplings are the king of the castle here (other than the egg roll, but I’m telling you where to get dumplings here). The soup dumplings’ broth is full of flavor and worth the trek to downtown alone.

2. Mimi Cheng’s

Address: 179 2nd Ave New York NY
Phone: 212-533-2007

What to eat: The Monthly Special
Cost: $

Mimi Cheng’s is an airy little dumpling shop with a few locations in the city, and while the normal dumplings on the menu are great, the monthly special is why you go to Mimi’s. I have never, ever, had a bad monthly special at Mimi’s, now sometimes they can veer away from the traditional Chinese flavors we all come to love in our dumplings, but that is what makes them great. Whether it be a breakfast inspired dumpling full of egg and sausage and cheese, to a burger dumpling, full of beef, and onions, and crispy pretzel bits, you are sure to have a worthwhile taste adventure. Don’t sleep on the regular ‘lings either, but definitely check in monthly at Mimi’s.

3. Pinch Chinese

Address: 177 Prince St, New York NY
Phone: 212-328-7880

What to eat: Spicy Wontons
Cost $$

Pinch is a new restaurant on the scene but it brings the heat with its Spicy Wontons. The filling is amazing, but the sauce that they are served in is the real deal winner, you might even end up slurping the sauce when you finish with the ‘lings. They have a few other dumpling offerings for the less adventurous, but after to have the spicy wontons, you’re gonna be committed to them for life. You also need to try the ribs, and that’s saying a lot coming from a self-proclaimed dumpling connoisseur, they are out of this world, sadly not a dumpling though, but the same meat, and sauce are what makes the spicy wontons, so amazing.

4. Xian Famous Foods

Address: Several locations throughout Manhattan

What to eat: Spicy and Sour Lamb Dumplings (either in soup or out)
Cost: $

Whenever I need a pick me or am starting to come down with a cold I look for the closest Xian’s and order the spicy and sour dumplings. Xian’s are all over the city too so never too far away from one. These ‘lings have the perfect combination of flavors the spice warms you up but the sour is right there to bring it back down, and the dumplings are swimming it. They are pretty big too so they fill you up, and not too many dumpling spots throwing lamb into the mix. Throw them in soup and you have a guaranteed sickness cure, because how can you not feel better eating dumplings.

5. Red Farm

Address: 529 Hudson St, New York, NY

What to eat: Any of the dumplings
Cost: $$$$

Red Farm isn’t an everyday dumpling spot. This is a celebration spot, a place you take your date, or if you just have access to a ton of money, then I guess I would be there all the time as well. Red Farm is a communal dining restaurant, so if you are looking for a dark little romantic spot, I’d go somewhere else, if dumplings are all the romance you need then this is the right spot for you. They have a ton of dumpling options on the menu, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them, seriously. Great dumplings! They are a bit pricey but, how often do you treat yourself.

If you are just in it for the love of the game, and want to consume as many dumplings as possible for as affordable as possible, then Vanessa’s Dumplings are the way to go. You can get like 24 dumplings for under 10 dollars.



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