Top 5 Lesser Known Irish Foods

5 popular Irish dishes that no one talks about!

1. Pork Stew

We’ve all heard of the classic Irish Beef Stew but, this pork stew is what was eaten on traditional Irish dinner tables since pork was a preferred meat in Ireland due to its cheapness. Beef stew was made more popular in America as the Irish immigrants mixed in with jewish immigrants who ate corned beef and such at their delis. So go ahead – follow our traditional Irish pork stew recipe and get ready to have your mind blown!

2. Irish Langoustines

Also known as Dublin Bay prawns, these are delicate lobsters of the Arctic. Sweet, tiny, and delicious. Often eaten by fisherman and sold for exorbitant and fine dining restaurants, this lesser known Irish delicacy deserves a little love!

Try this easy Irish Langoustine recipe.

3. Colcannon

An Irish mashed potato and greens dish that is really just an excuse to eat butter! Perhaps this was created to get kids to eat their greens, or for the busy worker that needed to eat quickly. Whatever the reason – It’s delicious. There are several stories associated with Colcannon including a ritual that unmarried girls carried out. They would stuff cloth with it, hang it on the handle of the front door, and the first man to walk through the door was meant to be her husband! Bet ya didn’t know that. The Irish love this dish so much that there’s a traditional song named after it! So here try our easy Colcannon recipe and get singing!

4. Boxty (Potato Scone)

A traditional irish potato pancake that’s easy to make with a notable difference between other potato pancakes in the texture. It tastes like part pancake part hash brown. This dish was extremely popular in Northwest Ireland prior to the great famine and is gaining popularity once again. It’s a great way to use leftover mashed potatoes! The Boxty could be pan fried, baked in a loaf, or boiled like a dumpling and modern versions may have different spices added to add an international flare!

Get our pan fried recipe here!

5. Barm Brack

Often Shorterned to Brack, this yeasted sweet bread is with added raisins and other dried fruits is often toasted and served with butter during afternoon tea! A sweeter and nuttier version to try in place of the popular Irish Scone!



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