The Butcher Restaurant

Address: The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town

Phone: 021 4370183

Hours: M-Su: 9am – 10pm

Must Eat: Malva Pudding, Trinchado

Must Drink: Local Ciders

Price Range: $30-$50/2 people

FM ratings

Normally, when one decides to go to a restaurant, one decides how they will get there. Should we drive? Oh wait if we drink maybe we should take a taxi….but those can be expensive. Let’s try Uber. Do you think so and so can drive us? In my case, I was told that The Butcher is a restaurant to check out in beautiful Camps Bay for meat. How did I arrive there? I paraglided down Signal Hill and landed on the Camp’s Bay Beach. Unstrapped ourselves and said, “let’s go have a Savannah!” Camp’s Bay is one of the most beautiful localities in Capetown, SA. Beautiful homes perched on hills overlooking white sandy

beaches and turquoise blue water. Camps Bay beaches faces the Atlantic Ocean side of Capetown so the water is visibly rougher. This is where famous shows such as The Bachelor were filmed. Victoria Road is where all of the action is in Camp’s Bay with bar after bar and restaurant after restaurant. We walk into The Butcher on Victoria Road and get a table in the Verandah part of the restaurant and order a round of Savannah Premium Dry Cider. I’ve become a huge cider lover over the past few years and I must say that Savannah is one of the best I’ve tasted. It’s light, crisp, lightly sweet, and if chilled just divine! The décor at The Butcher reminds me of a cross between a French Brasserie in Paris and an old school Pub in England. It’s got a semi-casual feel to it. The service staff wasn’t on their A game as it took them over 15 minutes to come and give us menus and another 10 to bring our drinks. That being said, the host at the front noticed and started taking care of our table from that point on. No complaints at view private instagram reddit 2017 all after he took over. After perusing the menu, I laid my eyes on this dish called Trinchado. A spicy Portuguese shredded beef dish that is a common peasant food. Oh My GOD – I LOVED this dish! By far, the best dish I had in South Africa. Apparently, the origins of the dish are from nearby Mozambique due to Portuguese historical immigration. Divine, just Divine. It normally comes with French fries but, I asked them to swap sliced avocado in place of fries – great combo. Savannah was also great to wash this down. Topped the meal off with Malva cake which is a native South African dessert. It’s perfectly sweet to me.



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